Sunday, January 22, 2012

To love coffee or not to love coffee

Did anyone else have the pleasure (or pain) of dealing with some snow and icy weather this past weekend? Well now that it seems winter is in full-swing, I think now is a good time for my first food recommendation.

I'm usually not someone who will drink their points. That is, I'd rather enjoy some delicious that I can chew rather than sip away all of my points with a beverage. Before the new year, I had this method down: I drank water and Coke Zero, both of which are zero points. However, I made it one of my resolutions to cut out soda due to some recent health issues.

Water is boring though! It's incredibly refreshing but similiarly boring, right? There was no way I could just live on drinking water. So I went on a hunt for some zero or low point beverages with surprising success.

Before I share this food with you let me tell you a secret of mine. I absolutely HATE coffee. I'm guessing you, the reader LOVE coffee. I'm sure you live off it and probably can't go a day without drinking a cup (or three) of it. Kudos to you! I wish I enjoyed it even half as much as you. Oddly enough, I do thoroughly love the smell of coffee. I just cannot STAND the taste of it.

So if you're like me and dislike coffee or even if you're a coffee addict, I think you'll appreciate today's food recommendation.

Maxwell House International Latte Peppermint Mocha

The great thing about this blend is that it's coffee but it doesn't TASTE like coffee. The first time I tried this brand was when my co-worker introduced the plain mocha to me. It tasted exactly like hot chocolate but with a little kick to it!

Finally, a coffee I can enjoy!

This peppermint mocha blend is equally delicious if not better. Whenever I think of winter I remember mint hot chocolate -- and this blend captures the smell & taste of it perfectly. Plus, of course, you get to enjoy some caffenine just as all coffee-lovers do!

The other great thing about Maxwell House International Latte? It's only one (1) point per serving! And one serving of this mix is about a heaping spoonful or four (4) teaspoons with hot water.

So, stay warm, readers! Read by the fireplace and maybe try some of this tasty flavored coffee on chilly winter morning. Otherwise, keep calm and carry on!

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  1. I loooooooooooove coffee. But I like mine pretty milky. I used to use hardly any cream but now I love lattes or coffee with half and half but I only drink 1-2 cups in the morning so its not too bad.

    I've always wondering if peppermint mocha stuff was good. I love peppermint but it never seemed like it would mix with a coffee flavor. I might have to try this if I come across it. I did come across a pumpkin flavor once but never got to try it.